Palliser Turbocharger Theater Seating

Get ready for the Turbocharger, a deluxe media room chair from Palliser that can be custom-built just to specification. This unique chair can be configured from a choice of dozens of different leather and fabric materials, in a wide range of colors to match any décor. The seat backs of the Turbocharger feature wide, soft cushioning that is topped with a plush, overstuffed headrest. Meanwhile, chaise-lounger seating allows you to stretch from head to toe with a firm, continuous buttress of cushioning under the lower body.

Convenient in-arm storage ensures that there is ample space to place snacks, remotes, or reading materials safely away until next use. Finally, wall-hugger seating allows this home theater seat to stay reclined just inches from any wall, for maximum space conservation. Choose convenient tray table, LED base lighting, power recline, wine holder, or wireless bass shaker options to take your home theater experience to a new level of excitement.

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Product Description


A. Seat Height: 43″
B. Footprint: 37″
C. T.V. Position: 51″
D. Full Recline: 65


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